Past Events

List of my past events.

February thru April 2016 Mount St.Vincent Seattle

Circa in West Seattle, continuation of “At Night we Sleep”

Ongoing Exhibit Dentist Suits

May 2014. Saturn Bldg Fremont Seattle – “At Night we Sleep”.

January 31st 2014. Circa West Seattle – “Into the Blue”.

July 2013. McCallister Hall Gallery, Mount St.Vincent.

December 01 2012.  John F Kennedy Arts and Crafts Fair 2012.

November 01 2012.  “Take me Away” current landscapes at Windemere West Seattle.

October 01 2012.  “Spirits and Monsters” at Mind Unwind Gallery West Seattle.

August 18 2012.  “Forgotten Paradise” At the Salvadoren Bakery part of the White Center Art Walk.

August 10 2012.  Phinney Art Walk at Umpqua Bank part of the “Summer in Seattle” events.

July 01 2012. Circa West Seattle.

April 2012. McCallister Hall Gallery, Mount St.Vincent.

November – December 2011. “Carmilas”.

2011. “Blue Willow Catering”.

Summer 2011. WS Art Walk “Wild Rose”.

June 2011. “The Cask”.

June 2011. “Small Clothes”.

Spring 2011. WS Art Walk Carmilas.

January 2011. WS Art Walk WS Wine Cellar.

December 2010. Small Clothes.

December 2010. Sugaring.

November 2010. Freshy’s.

October 2010. WS Art Walk Windemere.

June 2010. Angelins’a West Seattle.

June 2010. Freshy’s.

September 28 2002. Art Detour.

February-March 2002. Samis Foundation Downtown.

November 2001. Art Exhibit at Eldergreen Gallery and Coffee.

September-October 2001. Gateway Gallery, Key Tower.

September 2001. Rock Buttom, Bellvue Galleria.

July 2001. Market Arts Center, Pike Place Market.

June 8th 2001. Solo Show, Amy and Keryl.

April 2001. “BD Flowers” at Smith Tower Seattle.

February 2001. Five Artist Group Show,  Seattle, WA.

2000. Participant at “Art Detour 2000”.

September 2000. Seattle, WA.

December 1999- Feb 2000. Group Show – Bear Gallery.

July-August 1999. Solo Exhibit, “CATC” Queen Anne, Seattle.

April 1999. Group Show Healey Gallery.

December 1998. Group show at 21st Studios.

July 1998. Group show @21st Studios, Seattle WA.

July 1998. Two artist show: Oculus Gallery, Seattle WA.

May- June 1998. Group Show – Home Alive Awareness.

January- February 1998. Solo Exhibit: Babes in Toy land.

1997. Group Show: Annual Christmas Show, Metropolis Gallery Seattle.

1997. Gallery Seattle.

December 1997. Group Show – Home Alive.

October 1997. Solo Show: The Alibi Room, Seattle WA.

June 1997. Metropolis Art Gallery Group Show: 4th Annual Erotic Art Show.

June 1997. Metropolis Art Gallery.

March 1997. Solo Show: The Lux, Seattle, WA.

September – October 1996. Solo Show: The Color Box, Seattle WA.

October 1996. Group Exhibit – Springfield, MA Art Museum.

October 1996. Art In The Home Alive “The Art Of Self Defense” CD Booklet.

May-June 1996. Solo Show: The Alibi Room, Seattle WA.

August 1996. Solo Show: The Color Box, Seattle WA.

December 1995. At The Broken Theater Group Exhibit: “Home Alive”.

June 1995. Solo Show – The Internet Cafe Seattle WA.

January 1995. Solo Show – Puss-Puss Cafe Seattle WA.

October 1995. Solo Show: Color Box,  Seattle WA.

1994. Group Show: ”Home Alive” Color box Seattle WA.

April 1994. Solo Show – Weathered Wall Seattle WA.