……………..here come the Holidays

…this is the second year in a row i have not tried to sell trinkets for the holidays. Oh yeah i remember- i am not selling doing trinkets anymore.

I received an offer to show work in a commercial¬† advertisement space, b ut i want to keep my inventory right now. I applied at Ghost Gallery in Seattle – I know my work is good enough – saw some of their exhibits – now the questions is do they need some one like me or do they have a type like “me” already in their inventory. (there is no “me” besides me – but one has to really pay attention first to notice that )

So they will notify people mid January, hope they actually will. ….tell me something nice :))

I have so much art out there – the dentist suite is full and so is my house. I cant get inspired to paint when there is so much “stuff” hanging around…hard to come up with a reason to paint…like make more “stuff”?

Mirror – Lilith lives in the mirror….not a new concept – but a reoccuring one…lilith lives in the mirror – lilith comes out of the water – venus is born from sea foam…

Happy Holidays


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