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…………… come the Holidays

…this is the second year in a row i have not tried to sell trinkets for the holidays. Oh yeah i remember- i am not selling doing trinkets anymore.

I received an offer to show work in a commercial¬† advertisement space, b ut i want to keep my inventory right now. I applied at Ghost Gallery in Seattle – I know my work is good enough – saw some of their exhibits – now the questions is do they need some one like me or do they have a type like “me” already in their inventory. (there is no “me” besides me – but one has to really pay attention first to notice that )

So they will notify people mid January, hope they actually will. ….tell me something nice :))

I have so much art out there – the dentist suite is full and so is my house. I cant get inspired to paint when there is so much “stuff” hanging around…hard to come up with a reason to paint…like make more “stuff”?

Mirror – Lilith lives in the mirror….not a new concept – but a reoccuring one…lilith lives in the mirror – lilith comes out of the water – venus is born from sea foam…

Happy Holidays





Instagram – ok – me too

Show your work on Instagram – get a following – sell on instagram – the new art market is instagram….
Ok – me too. Started to post work on instagram, i guess i will post a picture every other day or so.
Now of course i need to find the “stars” of instagram and copy what they do. Also i need to expand my “followers”.
How do i get followers? for starters i guess i let people know i am on instagram….? maybe i should have a presence on facebook again? facebook whats that? lol havent been on for weeks….once seemed to be the so important…

View of the Spaceneedle

Seattle Dawn

The magic of the familiar and it’s twin boredom

A new friend on facebook, Albena Ludmilova posted this quote:
It is the function of Art to renew our Perception. What we are Familiar with we Cease to See… The Artist shakes up the familiar scene, and, as if by Magic, we see a New Meaning in it. ~~Anais Nin
“Familiar” we seem to lose appreciation for the familiar
feel comfortable with the familiar
seek the familiar
oppose the familiar
I was hanging the show at Freshy’s and this patrion complemented me on my work, ending by saying “you should paint Alki Beach”. Alki, his beach, his world his familiar.¬† Could i reawaken the magic of the beach and would he be able to see it? would he recognize his beach with my eyes?



Gerhard Richter- my teacher

well, I wish he was, instead it is only through the world wide web-

I remember seeing Richter’s early work, 1986 i was a student learning about painting. my first Hoffman and my first Diebolt. Hoffman with his intensity and trickery of color and space. Diebolt with his lushness and passive emotions. i didn’t really understand why Richter would copy photos in his paintings, but i was intrigued.

since then Richter has popped up periodically during my web searches for interesting artists and their art. i respond to his layout, his colors and ambiguity of space. – but not until the last 2 -3 years have i notice his continuous use of photographs.

…for me using photographs is a “no brainer” why go through the tedious chore of drawing the skeleton , when a photo provides all the information in scale, properly placed and arranged. (i refer to the basic layout of a realistic representation as the skeleton, the drawing really.)

i can draw, but find it boring- what comes after the drawing is what excites me. i want to paint real landscapes, real space the way we perceive it- but i want to question this space/bend it, make it come to live.
Gerhard Richter

what tribe do you belong to?

in visual art, one of the first observations identify the basic tendencies of an artist. is it “poussanist” or “reubenist”? does it impose order or emotions? of course that is an over simplification, but for crude basics it works.
interestingly enough this applies to the arts in general. it is not bad or good. it is simply there, a preference. active verses static, organic or man made? logic or intuition?
looking at all the works of art i have access through modern medias, i feel full- too full. this has been happening over the last 2 years. why is there all this “stuff” there? i see the same art over and over again.
and then i see something new, a breath of fresh air. that is what i was looking for. here are my answers. transcendence though color and paint.
my tribe?
September 14, 2012

Indigo, a lyrical abstract by Stefan Fiedorowicz

Treat a work of art like a prince. Let it speak to you first.
Stefan’s Art 

History – no sugar and spice or anyting nice

“art” is supposed to touch the soul, for better or for worse- encourage empathy, sympathy or simply recognizing the “human condition” as something we all share. make us aware and feel less alone.
i have talked a lot of “tribal identity” and how art styles often identify the location, age and intent of the artist.
 it seems that every generations attempts to form its own identity, its own tribe. the 60’s even have an accepted term “the counter culture”, which gives them validation and a solid place in history. countless documentaries, movies and plays tell us of how it was then, what changed and all that failed.
recently i saw a play by my friend Gretta called “These Streets”. the time of nirvana, a culture of emotions and used clothes. the similarities to the “counter culture” are stunning and so is its demise. bad choices, consumerism, the medias and time killed them all.
the “grunge years” was an important time for women musicians and artists. stepping out of their boy friends shadows, wearing what ever they felt like and raging on stage- because that is how they felt like. make-up was optional, one could be girly,butch, sexy or in between. How you looked was not (that) important.
some great female singers came from this time- rough, tough and real. a generation of women that simply took their right to be equals, expressing feelings that are considered “masculine”. they dared to show intense – violent feelings and emotions… sugar and spice or anything nice…..but now they are gone as if they never existed (well, not really :)
“if we do not remember history, it will repeated itself” or something like that, right? 

coming to America

the brave ones are either courageous or stupid, i never know which one i am, i just do it. it seems the answer lies in what happens next, do you win or loose?

i have spend all of my adult life in america. i moved to a small town in ohio before i turned 19. got myself married, lost on a dare -another story. ohio is real americana, bible belt – the hills-, i learned a lot from the nice folks there. that wasn’t going to be it though. i don’t “look” for stuff to conquer, it falls in my space, i see more of what i haven’t seen and i go for it. lol
next i found myself sleeping in a room, on the floor with 10 some people, and the dreams of starting a record label. i was the closest to insanity then. i had nothing. no room of my own, no car, no job, no family – nothing. i didn’t deal well, i remember. but my guardian angel send me a saviour that got me an apartment ( that i later shared with too many). by accident i got a good job and started a carrier one could say as pharmacy technician at providence medical center. i worked there for 14 yeares, while being a “rock star” and living with some of the most eccentric people on the planet.
but i not once wanted to leave – i wanted to die a couple of times – but never leave
there is a freedom in america – something here that i didnt find elsewhere

remembering basics – tribal identity

german, i am german – with an italian father and living in america.
germans are a special type of tribe with deep set emotions and lots of guilt for what they feel

some of the most brutal movie scenes i have seen came out of movies depicting german brutality during WWII. in spike lee’s movie the germans shoot down a church congregations, priest first and a crying baby last. in the movie “the piano” a jewish boy is being beaten to death by a german soldier. haunting scenes – .
as a child i didn’t like germans much. my father being italian and my mom not being married made me an easy target. germans have a strong sense of “us” and “them”, a strong tribal identity that allows to treat others differently than ones own.

a lot of german art is very brutal and direct, kind of in your face full of anger and doom. it reflect the personality of a culture, the warrior fearless and ruthless. i have tried to “shake” my german heritage, but it doesn’t come off. worse – i relate to it, i understand it and feel it. seen from a rational point of view, being german means being strong and in control of your life, while acknowledging the reality of hell.