My Dreams are my Work

Imagination has no boundaries. My work deals with memories and experiences; layering images, colors and lines the same way our feelings layer our understanding. My spirit lives in my art.

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At Night we Sleep – a series in deep blue

Dreams – Abstract Landscapes

marbels 6 copy[1] marbelsnewbw_edited-2 IMG_20170923_115734_474[1] IMG_20170911_103847_653[1] IMG_20170911_103720_027[1] marbelsnewbw_edited-2 circa2014series &quot;Flight from the City&quot; A City like all others Glimpses remembering when the town was invaded, dream sequence red501

…………… come the Holidays

…this is the second year in a row i have not tried to sell trinkets for the holidays. Oh yeah i remember- i am not selling doing trinkets anymore. I received an offer to show work in a commercial  advertisement space, b ut i want to keep my inventory rightRead More…

Art Shows

The Messanger and Faith- Blue Flowers artsaturn1 circa2014series fremont2014 &quot;Flight from the City&quot; A City like all others Saturn Building Fremont Seattle Glimpses remembering when the town was invaded, dream sequence Saturn Building Fremont Seattle Fire Brush Circa West Seattle 20140108_103115 McCallister Hall Art Gallery Daffidils McCallister Hall Art GalleryRead More…


The Messanger Lilith Rising Hexentanx Oshun and her minions Old Woman Dancing Death ever Present Rage- do you want to die ICU remastered Union Spirit and Monster Poster Kali


It is hard to put some of the works of art into simple categories. Here are the basic types: Toys – an Exploration of childhood  Dreams – Abstract Landscapes Landscapes  Florals and Stillife Figurative

Art Shows


Flieder – sunshine in my heart, mixed media arylic Flower Orchestra Tulips – original mixed media on canvas Five Star Bouquet, original mixed media on canvas Faith a memory , mixed media acrylic "Solitude" acrylic on canvas Hawaiian Dream The Glass Vas Dance of the Daffedils




Waterfall – mixed media on canvas Seattle Dawn Mist ;original mixed media on canvas Grand Canal Venice taken from a photo

Cogito ergo sum. (I think; therefore I am.) Rene Descartes